Earn Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Earn Free Amazon gift card by completing free offers, paid surveys or watching videos. Collect enough points and claim your free Amazon gift card.


What is Amazon Gift Card?

As the name itself suggests, a gift card is a gift or gifts. We can also call it a pre-payment card that has already been purchased or deposited.

Amazon gift cards are like vouchers that you redeem at the store. For example, if you have won a gift card of 500 rupees, you can do the shopping of 500 rupees and use this gift voucher to pay for it.

If we consider it in easy words, then it is like the currency of Amazon from which we can do shopping. The gift card has a 16-digit voucher ID number as in the debit/credit card and a 6-digit PIN with the help of which we can shop in direct Amazon.

If you do not want to lose your time buying a gift, you can set up an Amazon gift card. Whenever someone calls you to a small pearl party or birthday function, then you have to spend a lot of time buying the gift and going to the shop to buy the gift.

Amazon Gift Card Codes List 2021

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What are the features of an Amazon Gift Card?

  • Gift Cards are acceptable from the time of purchase, and there is no penalty.

  • Amazon Gift Card is wrapped (secretly) inside a gift box.

  • Reward amounts may not be published on Gift Cards.

  • Amazon Gift Card has Expiration date.

  • There are no returns and no reimbursements on Amazon Gift Cards.

  • Gift card has 14-digit alpha-numeric code (e.g., 8U95-Y3E8CQ-29MPQ) to amazon. In/add a gift card and add Amazon Pay balance to their account.

How can you earn a Free Amazon Gift Card code?


Where can you use an Amazon gift card?

If you earn an Amazon gift card and utilize it, it is quite simple. For this,

  • During online shopping on Amazon

    1. First, you need to log in to Amazon; now, you need to select any product you want to buy.

    2.After this, you need to click on Buy Now. Instead of cash on delivery or net banking from the payment option, click on 'Gift Card.'

    3.Here you enter your voucher number and PIN and apply. Your gift card will be applied. After this, click on Continue, and your order will be placed.
  • Amazon Pay Balance

    After redeeming an amazon gift card, Gift card balance redeem in your Amazon Pay balance and can be used as your payment method wherever acceptable.

  • Gift to a Friend

    Now, It is easy to send gift card to your friend you just need to claim your gift card from our site and forward same email to your friend.

Easy Steps to Redeem Gift Card on Amazon

Follow the below steps to redeem the Amazon gift card on Amazon Application.

  • Step 1 :Opening the Amazon App and click on Amazon Pay Option

  • Step 2 :Go to the option 'Add Gift Card', where you will be asked to enter the code of the gift card.

  • Step 3 :Enter your gift card code in give input box.

  • Step 4 :Click on the 'Add to balance' button.

  • Step 5 :Your money will come in your Amazon Pay balance.

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